This mental health and well-being workshop explores both the theory and physical outworking effects of stress, trauma and poor mental health on the mind and body of the person. Exercises include self-help tools designed to be used by individuals and can be passed on to others.


Creative ways to support anyone who may be experiencing poor mental health.

Improve mental health and well-being

Develop relaxation mindfulness techniques, use of creativity, emotional intelligence, and resilience building exercises.

Utilise questionnaires, risk assessments and resilience self-help tools

Gain an increased Awareness of healthy eating and lifestyle choices


This Way Up Well-Being work in a trauma informed way.

Individuals sometimes experience secondary trauma and burn out because of the work they do, while supporting others through difficulties, the needs of clients together with work related issues can be sensitive and as a result could be triggering for some. We teach awareness skills equipping people to look after their own mental health and well being.

All techniques learnt can help to reduce personal stress and be shared with anyone as they are effective for use with friends, family, community, and the workplace.

We are teaching self help and self care skills that can be rolled out in the broader context of organisational and community well being.