Why should you come to this Retreat?


  • Meet like minded women. 
  • Dedicate time to your self love practice. 
  • Feel supported by other women in a safe women’s circle. 
  • Empower your mind, body and soul. 
  • Release insecurities through movement. Empowerment yoga invites you to engage your total physical and emotional intelligence in a unique enquiry based process for resolving inner conflicts, awakening greater potential and relating to yourself consciously. A guided yoga class where we hold poses and ask ourself important questions. 
  • Feel the deep hypnotic rest and mindset reset through Yoga Nidra with focus on improving confidence. In a guided meditation, you will learn to tap into your inner wisdom so you feel confident and empowered to make decisions ...
  • Feel liberated through the rebellion of breaking down societies ideals and pressures placed upon us for being a woman.

Female Warriors:

If you look up the word ’empowerment’ in a dictionary:

Noun -

the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

Although women in large parts of the world nowadays have the finances and the ability to improve their wellbeing and to choose the lifestyle they want, there’s still something within many women that’s holding them back and prevents them from claiming what’s available to them.

In our society ‘female empowerment’ means that women have to take on a number of different roles throughout their lives: good daughter, loving wife, caring mother, dedicated homemaker, loyal friend, and – not to forget – successful professional. This puts women under pressure to be perfect all the time and to juggle all their responsibilities with a smile (and an impeccable appearance, of course!). When this pressure builds up, it leaves many women feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. The result often is anxiety, low self-confidence, lack of self-worth, and the feeling of being inadequate.

However, being a woman is so much more than playing a predetermined role life has imposed on her. A woman can be many things. Besides, we are all human and no one has to be perfect all the time. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to back out a little and to take time to care for ourselves and practice self-love.

It’s self-love, confidence, and inner peace that lead to strength, courage, and vitality, paving the way for women to become strong and self-empowered warrior woman. Being a warrior doesn’t mean that a woman has to do everything all the time by herself, nor does she have to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. Strength also means asking for help and support when needed. It’s important to know when to rest and conserve energy.

This Retreat is for Women who are:

• Ready to dive deeper into their self love healing journey.

• Ready to break down the conditioning society has placed upon us as women.

• Committed to invest in themselves.

• Prepared to rewire their brains from self limiting beliefs and let go of damaging habits.

• Wanting to find deeper connections within the support of sisterhood.

• Excited to transform, grow and align with their highest states of being.

Take this time to connect with your core self and your truth and step back into your power!


The Yurt, 34 The Street, Appledore, TN26 2BX