The Retreat


  • In a world that feels super fast paced, pressured and a little overwhelming, PAUSE. 

  • Whether you’re craving some time for yourself or you're feeling exhausted, the Pause retreat is a place to catch your breath. 

  • It's often the simplest things our soul craves. We yearn for space to breathe, time in nature and connection with what matters most. Yet sometimes it can be difficult to give ourselves the space our heart desires, especially when we get swamped by work life, family life and media messages that activate fear and shift us away from a place of peace within.

  • We are hosting a day of retreat and reflection, guiding you through practices and ceremonies that will support you to switch off from the outside world and reconnect with the deepest parts of your being.

  • Through the safety of this sanctuary where you can truly pause, you will connect, heal and transform. This is a call for those who are ready to go deeper, those who wish to find the peace that was yours all along.  

  • It is an invitation to Pause.

  • What we mean by retreat is a process to help a person go deeply within themselves. Location, food, and the group dynamic all feed into this. But more importantly to us is how the energy of the retreat is held. 

  • Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, we get so caught up in the day to day business of living that we forget to lift our heads and see the bigger picture. Equally, we can become fixated, perhaps obsessive even, on a particular problem or desire, that we lose sight of what is happening around us. Either way, to change our position doesn’t usually require us to alter the situation (or another person), but instead to create a shift in our perspective.

  • This is more of an internal move, a change in our thinking, our approach or our attitude, and whilst activities like walking and movement can be helpful to facilitate this kind of shift, sometime we need to go deeper. 

  • This is where the Pause Retreat comes in. 

  • The shifts in perspective that follow a Pause are often subtle at first, rippling out into our lives over time. 

  • A delicious shared lunch is included. A vegetarian, nutritionally balanced meal with restorative qualities. Om nom!